TPS Checker

TPS Screening Help Videos

Here are some help videos to get you started and answer any likely queries you might have when registering for a TPS screening account, screening your data or managing your results.

  1. Signing up for a TPS Checker account
  2. Screening a Number
  3. What is a CSV file? Explained.

Signing up for a TPS Checker account

This video explains how to sign up for a TPS Checker account.

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Screening a Number with TPS Checker

This video explains how to screen a single number as well as copying and pasting up to 100 numbers at a time. It also demonstrates how to copy your results back in to your spreadsheet afterwards if you want to do that.

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What is a CSV File?

This video explains what a Comma Separated Value (CSV) file is and how it differs from a standard Word or Excel file. We use Comma Separated Value (CSV) files to ship data around the internet as they are smaller and more flexible. If you screen files on our sister website then we use CSV files to ship you back the results of your Telephone Preference Service (TPS) screening.

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