TPS Checker

Integrate TPS Screening to your Website or Application

Integrate TPS Checker into your existing systems

Create integrations that connect TPS Checker to a CRM system, Contact Management, Dialler and other in-house or third party systems.
Our API offers you the ability to check single UK telephone numbers seamlessly within your own application and report back on whether or not they are located on the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) and / or Corporate Telephone Preference Service (CTPS) registers.

API Documentation


Getting Started

TPS Checker provides a system that monitors and collates information on what UK telephone numbers are registered on the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) and Corporate Telephone Preference Service (CTPS) registers that collectively hold over 20 million UK telephone numbers.

The TPS Checker platform offers access to that data via our Application Programmers Interface (API). Our API allows developers to build upon and extend their applications in new and creative ways.

Geeks Only!

Not a programmer? Here are a few options that don’t involve using our API directly:

If you’re not a programmer and you don’t have one in your company that you can badger, here are a couple of alternative options:

  • Use our online interface - sign up here for an account and take advantage of our easy to use, friendly interface.
  • Use our Microsoft Excel plug-in - due for release during the last quarter of 2013. Contact us for more information.

What You Can Do with our API

The TPS Checker API allows you to interrogate both the TPS and CTPS registers, and more.

  • Check - check whether a UK telephone number is registered on either or both registers
  • Hide - when you check a number using the API you can hide the telephone number from our system. We will simply store (for example) 01234 56xxxx. Using this option does limit audit trails and other billing queries.

Be careful…

  • Using an API does require some technical expertise. If you are not experienced in web service integration then we strongly advise that you either seek appropriate technical help or consider using one of our other more user friendly methods for checking data against the TPS and CTPS registers.
  • API’s are intended to facilitate automation of processes. As such, their incorrect implementation could result in you accessing and using your account credits unintentionally.