TPS Checker

Screening Lists of Numbers

If you’d like to screen lists of numbers at once, then why not try our sister website.

You can screen lists as small or as large as you like, from 2 to an unlimited quantity of numbers in one go.

You can upload CSV, TXT, XLS or XLSX files for screening with multiple columns of telephone numbers all at once. It doesn't even matter if the numbers are mixed with text or other characters, our systems can still find the numbers to screen.

TPS Services is designed to help businesses with much more functionality than TPS Checker.

Future developments include:

  • allowing users to incorporate their own Do Not Call (DNC) lists
  • notifications when lists need re-screening
  • finding out when a number was registered on the TPS
  • multiple user logins
  • and much much more.

So if your business needs to check lists of numbers or simply wants to manage and hold its TPS screened lists in one handy place, then visit for more information.